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Transit of Venus

ISS and the transit of Venus:

I wonder if ARISS team can use this once-in-a-lifetime
event to schedule some Astronaut QSO time???:

On 8 June 2004 will be the 7th transit of Venus ever
observed by humankind.  This rare event occurs
only twice every 150 years or so, and was first
predicted by Keppler, but not observed until after
his death and then, only by one "student" who then
died within the year and it was only documented by
his friend who discovered his notes.

It was to see the next transit of Venus from Tahiti that 
Captian Cook sailed "round" the world in 1769 and also 
was to layu claim to Antarctica...etc...  (i'll check my facts

Anyway, this will be the FIRST transit of Venus since
Marconi developed radio and we hope to use HAM
radio to herald this event.  And in fact, I want to use
APRS to track the path of Venus across the sun from
around the world LIVE so everyone can see the effect
of paralax and geometry.  We can use the ISS to
digipeat these reports or hopefully get the Astronauts
to TALK with expeditinos around the world chasing this

See my WEB page for details:


Sorry, but this is not much of a USA event except people east of NY.
But it will be seen from NY throught Europe and all the way to
New Zeland.  It lasts 8 hours, so it is a casual event...
de WB4APR, Bob

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