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Space Station Gets a Boost

    Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

*Space Station Gets a Boost
*While the crew slept Tuesday night, the International Space Station 
moved into a higher orbital altitude. Flight controllers in Moscow 
remotely commanded the docked Progress 
</station/assembly/elements/progress/index.html> 13 cargo ship's engines 
to fire for 9 minutes, raising the Station's altitude by an average of 
2.4 miles (3.8 kilometers). Two more reboost maneuvers are scheduled to 
prepare the ISS for the arrival of a Soyuz spacecraft carrying the 
Expedition 9 crew in late April.

Aboard the Station on Wednesday, Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale 
and Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri resumed science and maintenance 
activities. Foale removed a completed crystal growth experiment sample 
from the Microgravity Science Glovebox in the Destiny Laboratory. Also 
in Destiny is the Human Research Facility, where Foale configured a 
laptop computer for an upcoming ultrasound experiment.

Kaleri checked the progress of the pea plants currently growing in the 
Lada-4 greenhouse. He also activated hardware for Skorpio, a Russian 
radiation monitoring experiment.

The crew took air samples in several locations aboard the Station to 
test for carbon monoxide levels.

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