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RE: uplink freq


Unfortunately, this is now incorrect. I have already written to the ANS 
editors who will correct it in upcoming bulletins.

up is 145.990 MHz
down is 145.800 MHz
Unproto is CQ via ARISS (RS0ISS-3 still works, but the correct callsign for 
the digi is ARISS)

Sil - ZL2CIA

At 09:13 3/03/04 -0500, you wrote:
> From the latest ANS...
>Sil, ZL2CIA, reports to ANS:
>Those of you who like to run Sgates will be pleased to know that the ISS
>digi is active again and handling APRS traffic. I successfully passed a
>number of packets via the station this evening. (see below). Ironically, it
>has probably never been turned off - it just looked that way. The problem is
>simply that the Rx on the ISS has been tuned to a different frequency than
>that listed.
>The current configuration is
>Downlink 145.800 MHz (with Dopler)
>Uplink 145.825 MHz (with Doppler)
>Digi Callsign is RS0ISS-3
>--- snip ---

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