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Re: Improvements on ISS


I guess I am partly participating in this project already.
It was my understanding that NASA did not want any GPS tied into ISS packet 
radio. I guess the fear is/was it gives realtime data tracking  to anyone on 
earth like terrorists etc...

I am currently uplinking ISS's psudo position using APRStk, which tracks ISS 
and will send out it's position via ISS's digipeater.
This shows up as ISS_55 for example. The 55 will change in value, as it is 
the day of the keps. ie.. day 55= 55th day of 2004. So as the keps are 
updated, so will the number.
I am also uplinking all data heard here to the www.ariss.net site.

My 2 cents..

73, Scott WA6LIE

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> Hello everyone, I posted this on amsat-bb, and Frank Bauer suggested I 
> post
> it hear for some feedback. Thanks Frank, I also sent it to Valentin as you
> suggested.
> Hello folks, I left this message at the ISS fan club for a bit of 
> feedback,
> but as of now have not received any, not knowing enough about it, I 
> present
> it here for some possible feedback, positive and negative, all is welcome.
> Thanks Kevin VK3UKF.
> Hello, everyone, I am proposing a change to the Space Stations beacon as 
> it
> currently stands.
> I would like to suggest that the following be included into the ISS VHF
> packet beacon on 145.800 MHz. The Space Stations GPS postion as a grid
> number, such as the packets we digi via the Station, and the time as UTC, 
> we
> could all set our clocks via the station and we would see it as an actual
> position comparing it to our predicted orbits.
> But, the main reasons for these proposals is the ET Shadow experiment,
> including this data on the beacon when the experiment is being conducted,
> will, I believe, make the collation of the data, so much easier for the
> principal investigators, studying this new propulsion technology that I 
> like
> to call Blue Light Engines, It reminds me of Star Trek.
> If you are unaware of the ET Shadow Project, do a google search and if you
> can, please help Mr Valentin Strashinski and join the rest of us that are
> going to help when it happens.
> Cheers all.
> Kevin Forbes. VK3UKF.
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