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Improvements on ISS

Hello everyone, I posted this on amsat-bb, and Frank Bauer suggested I post 
it hear for some feedback. Thanks Frank, I also sent it to Valentin as you 

Hello folks, I left this message at the ISS fan club for a bit of feedback,
but as of now have not received any, not knowing enough about it, I present
it here for some possible feedback, positive and negative, all is welcome.
Thanks Kevin VK3UKF.

Hello, everyone, I am proposing a change to the Space Stations beacon as it
currently stands.
I would like to suggest that the following be included into the ISS VHF
packet beacon on 145.800 MHz. The Space Stations GPS postion as a grid
number, such as the packets we digi via the Station, and the time as UTC, we
could all set our clocks via the station and we would see it as an actual
position comparing it to our predicted orbits.
But, the main reasons for these proposals is the ET Shadow experiment,
including this data on the beacon when the experiment is being conducted,
will, I believe, make the collation of the data, so much easier for the
principal investigators, studying this new propulsion technology that I like
to call Blue Light Engines, It reminds me of Star Trek.
If you are unaware of the ET Shadow Project, do a google search and if you
can, please help Mr Valentin Strashinski and join the rest of us that are
going to help when it happens.
Cheers all.
Kevin Forbes. VK3UKF.

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