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Expedition 8 Continues Spacewalk Preparations

    Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

    Expedition 8 Continues Spacewalk Preparations
    Thursday, Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale and Flight Engineer
    Alexander Kaleri focused on preparations for their upcoming spacewalk.

    Their work Thursday included preparing the Pirs Docking Compartment
    for the excursion. The spacewalk will be based out of Pirs.

    Foale also worked in the Quest Airlock. He transferred cargo out of
    Quest to prepare it in case he and Kaleri need to re-enter the
    Station via Quest during the spacewalk. He prepared cameras that
    will be used during the spacewalk.

    The extravehicular activity is slated for Feb. 26. During the
    spacewalk, they will install new experiments and replace parts for
    experiments and monitoring equipment on the outside of the Station.
    The spacewalk will be the 52nd in support of ISS assembly and

    In addition to their daily activities, Foale performed monthly
    maintenance on the ISS cycle ergometer. Kaleri continued to monitor
    the progress of a Russian plant growth experiment.

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