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ARISS Success -- James Bay Elementary

The James Bay Elementary school was a smashing success! 
Students asked all but two questions of Cmdr Foale during 
the typical 10 minute or so contact.  The entire student 
body of James Bay Elementary was on-hand for the event as 
was Rhonda & Jenna Foale, Mike Foale's wife and daughter.

Rhonda Foale talked to the students about her husband's 
time on the International Space Station and how they 
communicate.  Meanwhile, Jenna spoke to the students about 
her robotic dog that Mike writes programs for while on the 

Cmdr Scott Kelly and Mission Specialist Julie Payette 
(Canadian Space Agency) attended the event and answered 
questions from the student body about space travel. The 
final presentation was presented by one of the student's 
parents, Mr. Stone Sifer. He provided the students with 
information on the Space suit.

Hams have reported hearing the contact as far away as 
Illinois (Mike KB9UBZ), Ohio (Bill KA8VIT), and 
Massachusetts (Arthur N1ORC).  In fact, Arthur reports 
that not only was he able to capture part of the contact, 
that recording was also replayed on his local AMSAT net.

Bruce Paige, KK5DO, is providing a recording of the 
contact via his website http://www.amsatnet.com/audio.html 
 Further information on the contact (including a 
photograph) as well as the ARISS programme can be found on 
the ARISS website http://www.rac.ca/ariss

Thank you to all the hams listening in for sharing your 
experiences with everyone.  And a special thank you to the 
ARISS team members, both Earthbound and Celestial, for 
giving the James Bay students such an amazing opportunity!

Scott Lindsey-Stevens, N3ASA
ARISS PR Team member

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