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Recording of the ISS QSO with Houston

Name here is Mike, KB9UBZ, and I'm in New Lenox, IL. I did manage to get most of the ISS transmissions on my rig here, but obviously you cannot hear Texas from here. I realize there is another recording posted on here, but it seems like I have a few more questions answered in the beginning. The other persons audio quality is a bit better, but with the 2 combined, it works out well.

 Just paste this into Internet Explorer and then when you hit go it will ask for a name and pass. Put kb9ubz for both Name and Password, and it will go to my ftp. You can copy it to your hard drive then as if it was on your computer and you are just copying the file, or play it from there. Just please close it asap so others can use it as well. I do have Broadband internet. All the best!

Put that into internet explorer!

Mike Hess
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