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ARISS Success - King's School Details

Astronaut Mike Foale spoke to students at the school he used to attend.
Wednesday 28 January 2004, as the International Space Station passed
overhead on its orbit, Mike Foale answered questions posed by students
at The King’s School, Canterbury, UK.

At 17:42 UTC, when the ISS answered the call of GB4FUN, operated by Carlos
G0AKI, the audience kept its breath. Mike Foale answered 12 questions.

Student: When you have some free time, do you prefer to look down on the
Earth or up at the stars?

Mike: [M]ost of the time I look down at the Earth. However on the
night side, if I have been exercising I go and cool down by looking at the
Galaxy. You can see the Milky Way from up here and it is absolutely
tremendous. The stars have different colours ­ reds and greens and blues
and yellows.

When the ISS went over the horizon and the spacetalk came to an end, the
enthusiastic audience answered with a loud applause. The Lord Mayor of
Canterbury, the School’s dignitaries, the RSGB and AMSAT UK
representatives, the students and the media, all were impressed by the
quality of the audio from the spacecraft.

The media coverage was impressive: Meridian TV (ITV South), BBC TV (South
East), BBC Radio Kent, Invicta Radio, Kent Gazette interviewed the students
and put the event in the main news. The BBC World Service and the Press
Association asked for information and transcripts.

An audio recording of the contact is available on the Archive page of the
ARISS-Europe website, http://www.ariss-eu.org/.  Click Archives, then look
for the entry for 31/01/2004.

Gaston Bertels, ON4WF
ARISS-Europe chairman

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