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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale completed his second session 
Thursday with the Foot/Ground Reaction Forces During Spaceflight 
</station/science/experiments/fact_foot.html>experiment. This 
investigation, which is known as FOOT, could provide additional 
information on reasons for bone and muscle loss by people in space. That 
knowledge could lead to better ways to minimize such problems. During 
the session, Foale wore the Lower Extremity Monitoring Suit -- cycling 
tights outfitted with 20 sensors. The suit measured forces on Foale's 
feet and joints and muscle activity while he went about his scheduled 

Foale and Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri, along with flight 
controllers continued to prepare for this weekend's ISS air pressure 
test. The crew will close the hatches to divide the Space Station into 
three separate sections for leak checks and to gather data on air 
pressure fluctuations. Foale and Kaleri will be located in the Zvezda 
Service Module </station/assembly/elements/sm/index.html> from Friday 
night to Sunday morning.

Last weekend, flight controllers and the Expedition 8 crew located the 
apparent cause of a slight pressure decay aboard the International Space 
Station. The decay, which appeared to have begun Dec. 22, was traced to 
a braided flex hose on the Earthward-facing observation window in the 
Destiny Laboratory Module </station/assembly/elements/uslab/index.html>. 
Foale and Kaleri detected the hose leak using ultrasound equipment. 
Foale reported that the hissing sound stopped after the hose was 
disconnected. Air pressure aboard the Station continued to hold steady 

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