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Re: ISS reception

I have to disagree. I enjoy making digital contacts
via the ISS with stations up to 2000 miles away. In
fact I have found it quite rewarding, VUCC satellite
award, ISS achievment award and OSCAR Sexagesimal
award from AMSAT. All these rewards done via ISS and
the packet station. I even made a new friend on the
other side of the country because of a packet contact.
I also hope to get the OSCAR Century award with a lot
of help from ISS.

When the crew gets back to 3 members and they actually
have free time, maybe they will return to viewing the
packet messages like they did during Expedition 5. 

We only have two FM 2-meter band packet stations.
Until PCsat 2 gets onboard, I'd vote to keep it on
packet. If you want voice satellites, I belive there
are a few to choose from already.

Kenneth - N5VHO

--- McGrane <tmcgrane@suffolk.lib.ny.us> wrote:
> BTW, if the astronauts wont read messages, what's
> the point of packet???
> Bouncing packets off the ISS is not that rewarding.
> If it counts, my vote is for cross band phone repeat
> when unattended.
> Any other ideas? Thanks. Patrick. N2OEQ

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