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Apparent Pressure Decay Source Located

    Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

    Apparent Pressure Decay Source Located
    Over the weekend, flight controllers and the Expedition 8 crew
    located the apparent cause of a slight pressure decay aboard the
    International Space Station. The decay, which appeared to have begun
    Dec. 22, was traced to a braided flex hose on the Earthward-facing
    observation window in the Destiny Laboratory Module.

    Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale and Flight Engineer Alexander
    Kaleri detected the hose leak using ultrasound equipment. Foale
    reported that the hissing sound stopped after the hose was
    disconnected. Preliminary data indicates that the Station's pressure
    has stabilized.

    Flight controllers will continue to study pressure aboard the ISS
    over the upcoming weekend. The are planning to ask the crew to close
    the hatches to divide the Space Station into three separate sections
    for leak checks and to gather data on air pressure fluctuations.
    Foale and Kaleri will be located in the Zvezda Service Module during
    the weekend. The hatches are scheduled to be reopened on the night
    of Jan. 18.

    On Monday, the crew repaired the Russian Elektron oxygen generation
    system. Foale and Kaleri are slated to begin repair work on the
    Vozdukh carbon dioxide removal system in the near future

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