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    Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Flight Controllers Monitor Decay in Air Pressure
Flight controllers informed the crew aboard the International Space 
Station late Monday that they are monitoring a slightly larger than 
normal decay in air pressure on the complex. The decay, which is 
currently measured at a rate of less that 0.04 pounds per square inch a 
day, is having no impact on Station operations and the crew is in no danger.

Expedition 8 Commander Michael Foale and Flight Engineer Alexander 
Kaleri spent a few minutes before beginning their sleep period 
inspecting valves in both the U.S. and Russian segments and reported 
nothing unusual.

Station officials and flight controllers expect to ask the crew to 
continue troubleshooting activities on Tuesday while they monitor the 
pressure on board the complex.

In other activities Monday, Foale and Kaleri participated in a Russian 
medical experiment that is studying changes in the human body during 
space flight. During the session, calf and body mass measurements were 

Foale prepared for upcoming work in the Quest Airlock to resize three 
Extravehicular Mobility Units (EMUs) aboard the Station. EMUs are U.S. 
spacesuits used during spacewalks.

Kaleri conducted an inspection of windows in the Zvezda Service Module 
and the Pirs Docking Compartment. He recorded the inspection for 
downlink to Russian flight controllers.

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