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ISS digi is working - beacons get to www.ariss.net


APRS beacons via the ISS digi are working again - after a fashion.

The TNC in the onboard Kenwood radio currently repeats packets addressed to 
"RS0ISS-11" and via <nothing>, as "RS0ISS,RS0ISS-1*,SGATE-11".

Kiely, ZL1WPK configured his Sgate with SGATE-11 as an alias. His station 
forwards to ZL1ANW, who is connected to the net.

The successful beacon packet, as shown at www.ariss.net is this:

00:01:26:51 : ZL2CIA]RS0ISS,RS0ISS-1,ZL1WPK,qAr,ZL1AMW-
14:=4116.78S/17445.27Eyzl2cia@amsat.org via RS0ISS* {UISS30}

The original downlinked packet contained RS0ISS-1* as confirmation that it 
passed through the ISS digi. The "*" was removed when the packet was 
forwarded by Kiely's station.

However, I can be certain that this packet WAS digipeated as the packet 
that left my station was addressed to RS0ISS-11, and was different from 
that shown at www.ariss.net.

APRS via the ISS will work if:
Sgates recognize SGATE-11 as an alias
Sending stations sent to "RS0ISS" via <nothing.>

Sil - ZL2CIA

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