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Thanks Unproto callsign?

At 22:02 03-01-2004, you wrote:
>What unproto callsign is ISS currently using? On the 1042 to 1058 UTC pass 
>I was unable to get a beacon thru using RS0ISS-4 as per the MAREX webpage, 
>on 145.800 simplex +- doppler.
>Aside from that there was a VK3 connected and going nowhere, but I thought 
>I should have at least got one packet thru'
>Norm, VK2XCI
>Voice of the Edge of The Outback
>Mount Hope, NSW, Australia.

Thanks to all who responded. I'll try the -1 PID this afternoon if the 
temperature in the shack stays below 40C !!!

Incidently, I have no problem hearing ISS. FT736, VK5 pre amp IN the shack, 
10 element LP driven yagi, az control only.

Norm, VK2XCI
Voice of the Edge of The Outback
Mount Hope, NSW, Australia.

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