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Re: STS plus and win2000

Hi Jamie,

WW3S said the following on StarDate 03/12/2022 20:35:

>Anyone running STS Plus on win2000 with dual monitors? Whats the trick to
>getting it to run? I've loaded it at work ( single monitor) with no problem
>but can't get it to run here at home and the WIN2000 doc at the STS Plus
>website is a broken link.
>73 Jamie WW3S
I have my latest update of the STSPlus Installation Help Document dated July 2002 on my website on the Satellite Tracking page (link below).

I have not done an update as there has been not much added or changed for some time now with STS Orbit plus.  As I have never played with dual monitors, there will not be much in the doc about it.

Pretty much the last update I did to the doc was about STSPlus not doing the graphics with the new laptops and some of the higher end graphic cards as the software instructions have been changed and no longer work with the code within STSPlus.

I would guess that since STSPlus was never coded to handle duel monitor instructions, that it might not be able to.  But I am not 100% on this.

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