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Packet Dump iss Dec 31, 2003

ISS Packet mail dump from December 31 2003.

Hi everyone,
To help save time and load on the ISS packet, every week or so ill try
to post a full listing of all of the message headers currently stored on
board ISS.  This may help you by allowing you to see what messages are
there on ISS and reduce the number of times that people are logging in
to see what's there.
Remember, the ISS crew is too busy to respond to email and may not even
have time to read the mail on the ISS PMS.

[At this point, n2oeq has timed out while sending a message.  The D700
has begun to issue him D frames, which will force a disconnect]

RS0ISS-11>N2OEQ/1 [12/31/03 13:07:03]: <<D>>:

[After the D700 Disconnected from n2oeq, it sent the next two lines of
data.  Note the call sign number changed from 11 to 1.  This line of
data seems to be acting link a log off message.  The next line, seems to
indicate, that the D700 did save the message from n2oeq.  You can see
the message header below.]

RS0ISS-1>GPS/1 [12/31/03 13:07:09]: <<UI>>:
Thank you for your message.

[The ISS mail box is a Single user mail box.  You can not connect until
after the existing station Logs OFF.  After seeing n2oeq, log off ISS, I
then connected to the mail box and took a full listing]

RS0ISS-11>WF1F/1 [12/31/03 13:07:13]: <<UA>>:
|1A*** CONNECTED to RS0ISS-11 [12/31/03 13:07:13]
RS0ISS-11>WE1U/1 [12/31/03 13:07:15]: <<DM>>:
RS0ISS-11>WF1F/1 [12/31/03 13:07:16]: <<I0>>:
Welcome to RS0ISS's message board System Ver 1.50 107124 Bytes free

CMD(F/K/M/R/W/B/H/?)>  L
Msg#  Size   TS Date   Time From   To     @ BBS Subject

48    46              /2352 N2OEQ >ALL           w n6co
46    3      I$       /1516 ZL2CIA>ALL           /ex
44    41     B$       /1236 PY4KS >ALL           Happy new year to all
43    73              /0421 PY1AT >ALL           MSG
40    272             /2242 VK1ZQR>ALL           Best wishes from CDSCC
39    77              /1846 DJ3OC >ALL           happy new year
38    77              /1845 DJ3OC >ALL           happy new year
37    87     B$       /1536 DO7RAY>ALL           Happy new year
36    28              /1504 CE3QC >ALL           ALL
28    37     B$       /2112 PE5YES>ALL           hello from the
26    9      B$       /1935 PE5YES>ALL           Hi ISS
25    64     B$       /1805 S57NML>ALL           hello all via Rs0iss
19    61     B$       /0727 PY4KS >ALL           Hi from Brazil
14    97     B$       /2144 PE2JMR>ALL           CQ 
5     62      $       /2052 YY5ERP>ALL           Hi from YY5ERP
3     59     B$       /2121 VK5ZAI>ALL          Wishing all a happy
1     27     P$       /0532 WF1F  >RS0ISS        hi mike

107124 Bytes free
Next message Number 49

CMD(F/K/M/R/W/B/H/?)> B

RS0ISS-11>WF1F/1 [12/31/03 13:08:34]: <<D>>:
|1A*** DISCONNECTED [12/31/03 13:08:34]
RS0ISS-1>GPS/1 [12/31/03 13:08:37]: <<UI>>:
Thank you CU AGN 73

[Total access time from start to finish 1:24.  This is a bit longer than
I usually take.  There were many stations accessing ISS at the same
time.  To make this listing more readable, I manually deleted all of the
"Monitored" packets out.]
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