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Roy Neal special event

The other day, when I read an article on the ARRL web site, I understood
that simple reception of ISS voice or packet would be sufficient to be
eligible for the Roy Neal special event award. Was this information

Here is what the article says on the front page of the ARRL web site

 NA1SS may be on the air over Japan, Oceania (Dec 19, 2003) -- The Amateur
Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) International Team has
asked NASA to request that ISS Expedition 8 Commander Mike Foale, KB5UAC,
free time in his weekend schedule for additional contacts over Japan,
Australia and New Zealand. The possible NA1SS activity would be part of the
ARISS Roy Neal, K6DUE, commemorative special event. Foale was unable to get
on the air during the December 13-14 weekend, and there's no guarantee that
he'll be on this weekend. Possible passes are (all times UTC): Saturday,
December 20, Australia/New Zealand, 0920-0939; Japan, 2055-2104. Sunday,
December 21, Australia, 1758-1817; Japan, 2127-2137. Stations contacting or
monitoring the ISS on voice (NA1SS) or packet (RS0ISS) through the end of
December will be eligible for a special event certificate. See "K6DUE ISS
Commemorative Event Certificates" on the ARISS Web site. ARISS is an
international educational outreach program with participation by ARRL, NASA
and AMSAT. 
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