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ISS Operations


I have been away from internet service for a few days due to the holidays 
and this will continue...so there will be some delay in my responses the 
next few days.  I read the questions from Eric, KF4OTN on the packet split 
and from Al, KD4SFF about the Roy Neal, K6DUE special event.

Regarding the special event, yes, the event is still proceeding forward and 
the ARISS team appreciates Mike Foale's support.  Remember, you qualify for 
the special certificate if you make a voice contact or a packet 
contact.  Our plan have been to run this commemorative through to the end 
of the year.  So there are a few days left.  I want to remind everyone that 
the certificate for this event requires an SASE with an envelope of at 
least 9 inches by 12 inches in size.  Please QSL through your area's QSL 
team (Americas, Europe, Russia, Asia).  The QSL address information is on 
the ARISS web site:


Regarding the packet frequencies and why we use split, I think many have 
already provided some answers to this.  !45.80 is designated a human 
spaceflight downlink frequency.  Right now it shares use on voice and 
packet for general operations and school group operations.  In the future, 
we expect it to also be used at times for voice, packet, repeater 
capabilities, school group contacts and SSTV.  We would like to keep the 
downlink frequency clear for all to hear and receive.  In large cities, 
simplex mode results in loud signals from local packet overwhelming others 
listening on voice and other, weaker, downlink signals from ISS.  While we 
highly discourage it, there are some that keep their packet systems running 
automated so that they can get that packet or APRS signal through.  This is 
one of a few reasons why we have elected to go split frequency on our 

I hope all are enjoying the Holiday Season.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO   

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