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Re: iss packet

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From: "K. G. Ransom" <ransomk@yahoo.com>
To: "Brian" <groupes@smart-tech.dk>
Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 3:25 PM
Subject: Re: [sarex] iss packet

> Sorry this will not be  in time for your pass. I do
> not get up that early in Texas.
> Set your tnc to UNPROTO VIA RS0ISS-4 and set your
> radio to 145.800 simplex. This will allow you to
> digipeat through the station. That should get you
> started.
> Good Luck,
> Kenneth - N5VHO

Thanks Kenneth

I did make it, 1-2 packets via RS0ISS-4
But it was very weak in signal, dont think ive ever seen it that low
before, S5 at max, most of the time S0-3. It should be stronger since they
use 25watt now, but it seems
lower than the 5watt on the Ericson.

Are they using the same antenne?


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