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R: ARISS Event - Dresden Contact Update

Hello' all...


School contact with Dresden was <successful, I believe, since I heard
NA1SS replying questions to students.

I could not hear the school, of course, but the ISS was clear for some
10 minutes here in south-east Italy, using a collinear vertical...

Mike Foale was 53 - 57 with QSB...

I'm happy, because now I know I can hear them... let's hope for a QSO
now! :-)

73 to all... de Joe, IW7ECJ

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> Oggetto: [sarex] ARISS Event - Dresden Contact Update
> The next school contact by International Space Station (ISS)
astronauts is
> scheduled to take place Friday, December 5, 2003 at approximately 1450
> with students at Dresden, Germany's Berufliches Schulzentrum
> Elektrotechnik.

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