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ISS Voice Operations Update


The ARISS team received feedback from NASA and Mike Foale regarding the 
lack of ISS voice operations this past weekend.  Mike Foale reported back 
that they had an absolutely full week, through the weekend.  He said that, 
unfortunately, he was unable to to support voice ops this past weekend due 
to the very challenging schedule.

He requested that we make it clear that he would like to try again this 
weekend, on Saturday only....but to not get your hopes too high that he 
will be there.

He requested a single pass over North America and over Europe.  We have 
compiled a list of passes that we put in priority order (for the largest 
ground coverage).  These were provided to NASA for uplink to the 
crew.  Please note that the North America priority #1 is just about when 
the crew goes to sleep, so it is not clear if this is a viable pass.  We 
included it because it was a superior pass for North America.

Let's hope the crew can be there this weekend.  Remember, if they are on, 
please keep your transmissions short to let as many people participate.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

Pass Times in Priority Order:
Saturday December 6  (All Times in UTC)
North America
Priority         Pass Times
1                    21:28-21:50
2                    19:53-20:14
3                    18:18-18:39
4                    16:46-17:03

Priority         Pass Times
1                    13:48-14:15
2                    15:25-15:54
3                    17:01-17:26
4                    18:36-18:54
5                    20:12-20:26
6                    12:13-12:35

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