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I pulled out of the AMSAT list because of a couple of people like this.  To
date, this list has been much better.  But after luc's multiple tirade, I am
not so sure.

For gosh sake -  it is not the astronauts mission, it is a hobby, a
diversion, for when they have no other mission and no other needs or wants.
I spent 20 years in the army.  Much of it in nasty places.  I know what
"mission creep" is, and what it can do to your "off-time".

I say, if they get around to it, so be it.  If not, who am I to complain.

Perhaps luc will "volunteer" to hike himself up there and "straighten out"
the astronauts' priorities.

Y-all have a happy holiday season.

Mike.  KD9KC

El Paso, TX... where we have two seasons.....
Summer and Christmas....

and a hobby is just that!

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