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On 3 Dec 2003 at 6:14, Paul M Dunphy - VE1DX wrote:

>      I couldn't agree more!  I waited 3-4 years to get a QSO, and every 
> minute I waited,  I *understood* how privileged I was to even get a chance 
> to speak with the ISS.  These are the things dreams are made of, and while 
> the wait may seem long, those with patience will get their turn.

Paul if you read carefully..."AGAIN" i wrote

"Thats for the packet part, for the voice part i don't want to enter in that discussion" AGAIN!  see my  
previous comments.

I speak about PACKET...  feel free to included the voice operation in it if this comfort you. Check in the 
archive amsat and sarex but again i will not comments on the voice part and it's not due to a lack of 

>      I'm appalled at the use of the word "lie" as directed to other Hams 
> and those who are working hard to make SAREX happen.  I suggest before we 
> criticize the work of others, we reflect on the Amateur's code:

Again would you please make me a favor and read carefully AGAIN my texts... i wrote( I copy paste here) " but 
my comments was not directed at you nor toward any hams! If you or others feel personnaly concern about 
conveying false impression wear the hat"

I define what i have in mind when i speak about lie AGAIN here i copy paste:
 "Here is one of many definition of LIE and it is this one who should applied in the present context.

I also pointed out  "we cannot see absolutly no intent to mislead" You seems to have choosen another 
definition... that you substantiate by refering to and i quote " the Amateur's code". you even go much more 
far away than me i wrote,  "YES we all know how devoted the NASA , ARISS, AMSAT folks are and we 
congratulates them a lot" If you define these comments a way criticize...i quote you again "  I suggest 
before we criticize the work of others"  You should REREAD again your web site!

Before asking others to reflect on Amateur code who was intended for RADIO OEPRATION ON RF i pointed out to 
your attention that we are presently on internet...and there is a more suitable code to respect here...HUMAN 
RIGHTS ACT (our Canadian government have also numerous wed sites explaining at lot this concept) i strongly 
suggest you to go on these sites They also explain what i detect is a confuse concept "the freedom of speech"

You see Paul how far things can go when we try to make someone says what he's not saying....


> http://www.ve1dx.net/amateurscode.html
>      Although written in 1928, it remains the set of guidelines I feel we 
> all should follow in this great hobby, be it HF, VHF or talking to the 
> astronauts/cosmonauts on board the ISS.  They will be QRV when they can, 
> and no one lied to anyone.
> 73/DX Paul VE1DX (QSL via VE1YX)
> http://www.ve1dx.net/index.html
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