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At 10:11 PM 02/12/2003, Brad Armstrong, W1YX wrote:
>Boy, talk about conveying a false impression.  This Luc guy makes all hams
>look bad by talking about lies in capital letters on an open forum that is
>publicly accessible.  We are not all impatient, frustrated babies with no
>lives.  The packet will get fixed when time and opportunity meet with good
>fortune, and not before.  In fact, the messages he quoted showed that we
>have a unique, privileged position in the world of the ISS.  Let's all take
>a deep breath and marvel that amateur radio has a front-row seat at the best
>show in the world!
>| Brad Armstrong, W1YX
>| Vice President, Rochester Amateur Radio Association
>| Owner of the RRRA affiliated 147.18+MHz/110.9Hz repeater
>| Secretary and FC, Upper NY Repeater Council
>| Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Monroe County ARES
>| Technical Specialist, ARRL WNY Section
>| "everybody got to elevate from the norm" - N. Peart

     I couldn't agree more!  I waited 3-4 years to get a QSO, and every 
minute I waited,  I *understood* how privileged I was to even get a chance 
to speak with the ISS.  These are the things dreams are made of, and while 
the wait may seem long, those with patience will get their turn.

     I'm appalled at the use of the word "lie" as directed to other Hams 
and those who are working hard to make SAREX happen.  I suggest before we 
criticize the work of others, we reflect on the Amateur's code:


     Although written in 1928, it remains the set of guidelines I feel we 
all should follow in this great hobby, be it HF, VHF or talking to the 
astronauts/cosmonauts on board the ISS.  They will be QRV when they can, 
and no one lied to anyone.

73/DX Paul VE1DX (QSL via VE1YX)


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