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On 2 Dec 2003 at 21:11, Brad Armstrong wrote:

> Boy, talk about conveying a false impression.  This Luc guy makes all hams
> look bad by talking about lies in capital letters on an open forum that is
> publicly accessible.  

Have you something to hide... Ashame of something? Capital letters are made to draw attention
you see its working fine. Sorry you feel bad and concern about lies, but my comments was not directed at you 
nor toward any hams! If you or others feel personnaly concern about conveying false impression wear the hat.

I stated facts between "quotes"  not blaming or judging anyone: i added "we cannot see absolutly no intent to 
mislead" It is clear i think. How will you characterized the time line events? Answer: FALSE IMPRESSION and 
PRACTISE DECEPTION. that's the conclusion i see from the events. I'm not blaming anybody all the individual 
involved works hard in good faith but as i wrote "IT IS NOT THIS INDIVIDUAL WHO IS AT STAKE HERE BUT AN 
OBVIOUS SAD CONJECTURE" a sad conjecture who makes the whole affair looks like "FALSE IMPRESSION and PRACTISE 
DECEPTION" and you got exactly the point when you said  " makes all hams look bad " Its not me but only the 
facts who makes us look bad. Thats why i suggest until further notice to  (Can we forget about what is 
planned, forecast, to be done, to come soon, to be realised, to be acomplish soon..) stop making promises and 
reported to the general audience only after a project completion.

As an example "We are working on this XYZ project when all the test will be completed and project poven in 
working order you will be advise" and then we can added comments about the making of this XYZ project. This 
will avoid any false impression and making facts  look like practise deception, and we all know it is not the 

>We are not all impatient, 

WE ARE WAITING SINCE 1 YEAR. and it was even stated "You have all be extremely patient regarding the problems 
with the packet system.  Thank you for your patience"

frustrated NOT ALL OF US   but this was also stated ""I know many of you are frustrated.  We are too"

babies with no lives.surely not the average hams ages are over 55

>  The packet will get fixed when time and opportunity meet with good fortune, and not before 

 I'm still waiting too,  eating fortune cookies and commenting in the mean time.

>In fact, the messages he quoted showed that we
> have a unique, privileged position in the world of the ISS.

So unique that some of us wants to make this unique position RADIO ACTIVE 

> Let's all take a deep breath and marvel that amateur radio has a front-row seat at the best show in the 

Here the Luc guy will go again under his  rock,  not only my head but my whole body...

P.S. "everybody got to elevate from the norm" - N. Peart.  How can we do that in waiting " when time and 
opportunity meet with good fortune, and not before"? 

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
Sites web sites: www.qsl.net/ve2dwe

Echolink node 115340 VE2DWE-L
Echolink node 101810 VE2DWE

P.O. Box 341
Sorel-Tracy  QC.
J3P 5T6

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