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Re: ISS Hoax

On Monday, Dec 1, 2003, at 16:39 US/Central, Francisco Costa wrote:

>> This is why I suggested a while back that future payloads to ISS be
>> focused primarily on surface-surface operations
> With all respect, I desagree.
> Why? Well, because then ISS would be just like any ordinary sat.
> And it is not! It has people inside, and that's the special about it.
> For me the goal is to talk to the crew, not to use some gadget
> attached to repeat/digipeat my transmission.
> Ok, I know that's ok when the crew it's not avaliable, but if
> priority isn't voice QSO's, then there is a serious risk the
> astro/cosmonauts simply forget about ham radio. And then
> voice contacts will be more rare than now...
> Please don't think I'm saying this as an outsider. Me, like many
> of you, tracked all possible ISS windows last weekend.
> Despite many call's, I heard nothing in return.
> But that's the way it is! Except ARISS QSO's, there isn't any
> sure ISS contact in advance. And that what makes a voice
> QSO with ISS so special! "Hunt" them it's part of the game!
> Why change the rules at "half term"???

Only wanted to make the point that the current system is dependent on 
the ISS crew to control it, which means it can easily be left off and 
not used at all.

With surface-surface as a fallback mode, at least if the crew isn't 
talking ISS reverts to being another hamsat.  Currently if the crew 
isn't talking, and nobody remembered to turn the digi on, it's not 
useful to anyone.  That may serve as an incentive to get the crew 
talking, but whether it succeeds or fails as an incentive, it cost 
$10K/pound (at least) to get it up there .. if the crew doesn't have 
time to talk to the literally hundreds or even thousands of people in 
line of sight, at least there's a transponder, repeater, and/or 
digipeater up there that's controlled from the ground so the crew 
doesn't have to worry about it.

But with the limited amount of EIRP I have at my disposal, this is 
academic anyway .. you won't be hearing me talking to ISS anytime soon, 
especially on FM, because I'm at least 20-30dB below the people they're 
hearing and talking to.  I know some folks have managed to hit AO-27, 
Mir, and ISS with their FT50 and 1/4 wave, but not in this part of the 
world as far as I know ..

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