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Re: ISS Hoax

> > This is why I suggested a while back that future payloads to ISS be
> > focused primarily on surface-surface operations

On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Francisco Costa wrote:
> With all respect, I desagree.  Why? Well, because then ISS would be just
> like any ordinary sat.  And it is not! It has people inside, and that's
> the special about it.  For me the goal is to talk to the crew...

But lets be realistic.  There are say 4000 people that probably have the
same "goal".  And the crew has the time for about one QSO pass a week (1
in 50), THus the probability that you will achieve your goal is .000005.

Now the ISS passes over every SCHOOL 6 times a day.  The chance that any
andevery school can "access ISS" in a meaningful way is 100%.  Now lets
say that having a successful ISS link to another school via ISS is only 5%
as satisfying as talking to an Astronaut.  Then the relative "value-
accessibility" product is say 5%.

Now it seems that the "value-accessibility" product to you (.000005) needs
to be weighed against the school's 5% in order to properly evaluate
what the best "SAREX" payload should probably be...

> but if priority isn't voice QSO's, then there is a serious risk the
> astro/cosmonauts simply forget about ham radio. And then
> voice contacts will be more rare than now...

Conversly, if SCHOOLS can not "count-on" meaningful passes, then in
general they do'nt bother listening.  (Nothing worse than having the kids
all primed for something to happen and *nothing* happens)...  But if they
know that every pass every day will have something they can tune in, then
TEACHERS can plan on it and work it into their curriculum, and depend on

> ...But that's the way it is! Except ARISS QSO's, there isn't any
> sure ISS contact in advance. And that's what makes a voice
> QSO with ISS so special! "Hunt" them it's part of the game!...

Because we are supposed to be reaching out to students and getting them
involved in space.  As we have learned, the chance-in-a-million just does
not satisfy that goal... as well as a sure bet every day.... and if the
schools get used to a sure-bet every day, then NASA will get more positive
feedback to the crew to join in...

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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