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Re: ISS Hoax

OK Gentlemen,

Maybe the use of the word "hoax" was a little strong. Although I did not
hear anything, this will not deter my support of the program. I'll pay my
dues to AMSAT and if I am able, more. I have always supported NASA in their
work. We would not have a lot of the technology that we have if it were not
for the Space program. Yes, I was disappointed, but as one of you said, this
is ham radio; a hobby, not a profession and the joy of making a contact
whether across the globe or into space, is just that, a joy, that depends on
a lot of things. This one I'll chalk up to, I guess the
astronauts/cosmonauts were too busy and that's ok as long as they are safe
and doing something that will help mankind. I don't have a problem with
that,  there is always next time.  Just my thoughts again.
Wayne Hatfield kd5jjp

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