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Re: ISS Hoax

At 09:27 PM 30/11/2003, Wayne R Hatfield wrote:
>Wayne R Hatfield - KD5JJP
>Homer, LA 71040
>Don't know about you all but I kind of feel like we may have been had. I
>have had my receiver on for 2 days and have been listening for that long.
>even when I was out someone was listening. The ISS Commemorative Event
>sounded great but if whoever put it together must not have told  NASA to let
>the ISS in on the event. Just my thoughts.  UTC 22:58

     I think it depends on the enthusiasm of the astronauts/cosmonauts on 
board.  When Commander Valery Korzun was active a couple of years ago 
signing RS0ISS, I made 15 voice QSOs with him over several months and the 
packet station was digipeating every orbit that he wasn't talking.  The 
packet PBBS was always operational, as well.

     The same was true with a couple of previous missions.  However, for 
the most part, they don't put a lot of time into Ham radio . . . you need 
an enthusiastic person like Valery Korzun to really do it right.  Every 
evening before he went to bed he spent at least an hour making random 
contacts.  Since he left, they have been few and far between.

     That's my take on it, anyhow.  I'm told that most of their spare time 
is dedicated to just watching Earth from 400 km.  I guess Valery spent so 
much time on MIR that the excitement of Earth watching had worn off, and he 
dedicated most of his free time to Ham radio.

73/DX Paul VE1DX (QSL via VE1YX)


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