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Marex news, Iss voice Oct 23

ISS Amateur Radio Status: October 23, 2003

ISS gets a new Crew
ISS may be on 145.800 on October 23
Packet/Voice tips
SpaceCam Status

By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News	www.marexmg.org

Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

ISS Crew change:

Expedition 7:
Commander Yuri Malenchenko
Science Officer Ed Lu
Crew 7 will be returning to Earth via Soyuz 6 on CST (2320 GMT) Oct. 27
and will land in Kazakhstan at 8:36 p.m. CST Oct. 27 (0236 GMT Oct.

Expedition 8 crew:
Commander Michael Foale
Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri
Arrived on ISS October 20, 2003 and will stay on ISS until April 2004.
European Space Agency Astronaut Pedro Duque also arrived on October 20
and will stay on ISS for approximately 1 week, returning to Earth with
Crew 7.

ISS may be on 145.800 on October 23:
Astronaut Pedro Duque is tentatively planning on running at least 2
school amateur radio links during his mission on ISS.  It maybe possible
for European stations to monitor the down link on 145.800, on October 23
at 13:32 UTC.  
Please do not try to call him on voice during the school schedule.  The
ISS crew uses different Uplink channels and Access Tones during schools
schedules, which helps prevent interference.

Ceip Seixalbo school  Ourense,  Spain
2003-10-23 13:32 UTC direct via ED1ISS with Pedro Duque ED4ISS
The local AR club EA1URO has dedicated a website to the ARISS contact
Ourense:  http://www.radioaficionados.info/duque.html

Packet and Voice tips:
I have posted information on how to access the ISS station, for both
Voice and Packet operations.  This month due to the crew change over,
the chances for a random voice schedule will be very slim. However there
will be at least 2 opportunities to Listen to a School schedules down
link on 145.800.
The ISS packet system is still OFF-LINE.  Astronaut Mike Foale, said he
will try to fix the problem, however he can not make the repairs until
he get permission and has the project "Time-Lined" into his schedule. 
Please be patient.


SpaceCam Slow Scan TV Status:
The ARISS team has put together a 6-man team of engineers to go to
Moscow in November 2003 (the ARISS team is made up of engineers from
NASA, AMSAT and MAREXMG). The team will be performing a full end to end
systems test of all of the new ISS-Ham Phase-2 hardware.  The new
hardware includes a Kenwood D700, power supplies cables and the SpaceCam

Information on the crew's activities aboard the Space Station, future
launch dates, as well as Station sighting opportunities from anywhere on
the Earth, is available on the Internet at: 


73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again

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