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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

International Space Station Status Report #03-48 
4 p.m. CDT, Friday, Sept. 26, 2003 
Expedition 7 Crew

Checks of robotics and spacesuits along with varied science activities
highlighted the past week aboard the International Space Station for
Commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu. 

Malenchenko and Lu powered up the Station's 60-foot Canadian robotic
arm, named Canadarm2, on Tuesday for some in-flight training and tests.
The conducted a series of maneuvers that moved part of the arm into
sunlight to characterize how a force and moment sensor on the arm might
work differently in sunlight than in shade. Later in the week, they
performed systems checks and maintenance work on the two Russian
spacesuits aboard the Station. The activities verified that the gear
remains in good condition, although there are no plans for Malenchenko
and Lu to use the suits. The next Station spacewalk is tentatively
scheduled for the next crew, Expedition 8 Commander Mike Foale and
Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri, in late February or early March 2004. 

Science activities this week included a final Expedition 7 run of the
Pore Formation and Mobility Investigation in the Microgravity Science
Glovebox. The experiment studied how air bubbles can weaken metals,
crystals and other materials as they form in space. Lu also worked with
the Fluid Dynamics Investigation to optimize operations of the Cellular
Biotechnology Support System bioreactor equipment that grows
three-dimensional tissue samples for biological research. Malenchenko
participated in a Russian experiment to improve the equipment and
routines used to stay in good physical condition during long-duration
spaceflight. Biological readings were taken while Malenchenko exercised
on a stationary bicycle and performed weight lifting exercises. For the
third part of the experiment, Malenchenko provided blood samples for

In a separate task, Malenchenko used an ultrasound device in the Destiny
Lab's Human Research Facility to take echocardiograph measurements of Lu
while Lu exercised on a stationary bicycle. The operations were the
first time such measurements had been attempted while exercising aboard
the station and helped ground medical personnel verify that the
equipment could be used for diagnostic purposes if needed. 

Expedition 8's Foale and Kaleri, along with European Space Agency
Astronaut Pedro Duque of Spain, will hold a prelaunch press conference
next week at Russia's Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center outside Moscow.
The press conference will be replayed on NASA TV at 8 a.m. CDT
Wednesday. The trio is scheduled to launch at 12:37 a.m. CDT Oct. 18.
Duque, who is flying under a commercial contract between ESA and the
Russian Aviation and Space Agency, will return to Earth Oct. 28 with
Malenchenko and Lu. 

Information on the crew's activities aboard the Space Station, future
launch dates, as well as Station sighting opportunities from anywhere on
the Earth, is available on the Internet at: 


Details on Station science operations can be found on an Internet site
administered by the Payload Operations Center at NASA's Marshall Space
Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., at: 


The next ISS status report will be issued Oct. 3 or sooner if events

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