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NASA Holds Return to Flight Workshop

Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

NASA held a Return to Flight workshop for the media Sept. 16-18 at
Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The workshop provided a detailed
look at NASA's efforts to safely return the Space Shuttles to flight.
The manifest included a series of briefings and hands-on demonstrations.
Briefing materials and presentations from the workshop are available

Earlier this month, NASA released its blueprint for implementing the
Columbia Accident Investigation Board's recommendations and safely
returning the Space Shuttle fleet to flight. "NASA's Implementation Plan
for Return to Flight and Beyond" is the Agency's initial outline to
guide the Space Shuttle Program. 

The Columbia Accident Investigation Board (CAIB) report can be found on
the Human Space Flight Web's STS-107 Investigation Reference page, the
CAIB Web site and the NASA Columbia Page.

The CAIB began its investigation shortly after Columbia and its crew
were lost Feb. 1. Columbia broke up during re-entry over Texas en route
to landing 16 minutes later at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. The STS-107
crewmembers -- Commander Rick Husband, Pilot Willie McCool, Mission
Specialists Michael Anderson, Dave Brown, Laurel Clark and Kalpana
Chawla and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon of Israel -- were returning
home after a successful 16-day scientific research mission.

Memorial Tree Grove 

Evelyn Husband, wife of STS-107 Commander Rick Husband, participates in
the tree planting ceremony in Johnson Space Center's Memorial Tree
Grove. Looking on in the background is Johnson Space Center Director
Jefferson D. Howell Jr. 
STS-107 Trees Added to Memorial Grove
Seven live oak trees were planted in Johnson Space Center's Memorial
Tree Grove in memory of the STS-107 astronauts -- Commander Rick
Husband, Pilot Willie McCool, Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon and Mission
Specialists Michael Anderson, Dave Brown, Kalpana Chawla and Laurel
Clark. The STS-107 crewmembers were lost Feb. 1, 2003, when Space
Shuttle Columbia broke up during re-entry. A member of each astronaut's
family participated in the ceremonial tree planting on April 16, 2003.

The Memorial Tree Grove contains 40 trees, with 38 representing deceased
astronauts. In January 1996, the grove began with seven live oak trees
planted in memory of the STS-51L crewmembers who perished Jan. 28, 1986,
when Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. Johnson Space Center officially
established the Memorial Tree Grove on May 30, 1996.

Visit the STS-107 Crew Memorial on NASA's Human Space Flight Web

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