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Re: 2 meter human spaceflight freqs

The national APRS, OSCAR sub bands and current ISS frequencies are all 
secure...as they have been (once we got the DX cluster guys to kindly move 
off of 144.490!)

The packet bands are being revamped.  The SCDCC protected 144.950 for SAREX 
back in the 90's.  Now that the SCDCC is defunct, the local spectrum 
management group is looking at reissuing these packet frequencies.  We are 
all working together and it seems everyone wants what is best for Southern 
CA.  I just wanted to be thorough and see if there were any other PUBLISHED 
SAREX frequencies that we should be aware of.  Is 144.950 still used?

I would never ask for the top secret school frequencies in a public 
forum!  I hope this clears things up a bit!  to see a current copy of the 
proposal, go here...

I don't agree with everything in the document and we are running out of 
time to comment.  Thanks for everyone's input up to this point!!!!

Sorry about the earlier typos...they can sure confuse things!

At 10:23 AM 09/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Dino and others,
>If there are going to be changes in the band plan, please let me know what 
>the changes will be and I will provide as much guidance as possible.
>Clearly, the OSCAR sub-band 145.80-146 should be kept clear.  144.49 is 
>our primary US voice uplink channel.  We also have options to use 144.47 & 
>144.45.  APRS is on 144.39.  And the weak signal and satellite control 
>freqs in the lower end of the 2 meter band should be avoided.
>Miles' discussion of a weak signal "guard band" is important.  Back when 
>we jointly did the APRS QSY, I gave a presentation to inform the 
>terrestrial, APRS, community of the challenges of communicating with space 
>vehicles.  This, in part, led to the APRS QSY activity from 145.79 to 
>144.39.  I think these charts are still valid 6 years later.  For those 
>73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
>>Message: 5
>>Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 15:20:17 -0700
>>From: Dino Darling <k6rix@arrl.net>
>>Subject: [sarex] Current list of SAREX frequencies needed ASAP!
>>This is very important and I need an answer right away!  I will explain why
>>What are the current SAREX frequencies used by NASA?
>>Here in Southern CA, we are re-vamping the 2 meter spectrum.  As I was
>>intimate with packet for so many years, we worked hard to get a bandplan
>>that made room for packet.  Now that the internet KILLED packet (it did for
>>me anyway), it makes sense to take another look at the 2 meter spectrum and
>>make room for simplex IRLP operations.
>>One of the frequencies protected for SAREX was 144.950.  This frequency is
>>on the block, as are a few others.
>>We obviously recognize APRS and the ISS frequencies (144.390,
>>145.800/144.490/145.990).  What about the old SAREX frequencies? Thanks!
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