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2 meter human spaceflight freqs

Dino and others,

If there are going to be changes in the band plan, please let me know what 
the changes will be and I will provide as much guidance as possible.

Clearly, the OSCAR sub-band 145.80-146 should be kept clear.  144.49 is our 
primary US voice uplink channel.  We also have options to use 144.47 & 
144.45.  APRS is on 144.39.  And the weak signal and satellite control 
freqs in the lower end of the 2 meter band should be avoided.

Miles' discussion of a weak signal "guard band" is important.  Back when we 
jointly did the APRS QSY, I gave a presentation to inform the terrestrial, 
APRS, community of the challenges of communicating with space 
vehicles.  This, in part, led to the APRS QSY activity from 145.79 to 
144.39.  I think these charts are still valid 6 years later.  For those 



73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

>Message: 5
>Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 15:20:17 -0700
>From: Dino Darling <k6rix@arrl.net>
>Subject: [sarex] Current list of SAREX frequencies needed ASAP!
>This is very important and I need an answer right away!  I will explain why
>What are the current SAREX frequencies used by NASA?
>Here in Southern CA, we are re-vamping the 2 meter spectrum.  As I was
>intimate with packet for so many years, we worked hard to get a bandplan
>that made room for packet.  Now that the internet KILLED packet (it did for
>me anyway), it makes sense to take another look at the 2 meter spectrum and
>make room for simplex IRLP operations.
>One of the frequencies protected for SAREX was 144.950.  This frequency is
>on the block, as are a few others.
>We obviously recognize APRS and the ISS frequencies (144.390,
>145.800/144.490/145.990).  What about the old SAREX frequencies? Thanks!
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