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Packet System Status


Those of you who were on the air on Sunday, August 24 are aware that the 
packet system was re-activated by Yuri around 12:00 UTC.  Shortly 
thereafter, the ARISS team received reports from the general ham community 
that the packet system was operational.  Over the next 9 hours, many hams 
around the world sent unproto digi signals through the packet 
system.  Later that day, the packet system abruptly stopped operating at 
around 21:22 UTC while traveling over the Western part of the U.S.

The ARISS team has had several discussions on next steps.  Complicating the 
debug efforts is the fact that the Progress 11P undocking and Progress 12P 
docking will be occurring over the next few days.  So the crew will be 
quite busy.

Our plan is to have the crew (Yuri) report out on the status of what he 
sees with the packet module (switches on, LEDs properly lit and blinking, 
radio on).  We will ask him to recycle the power.  This should bring the 
packet system back up.  If the system abruptly shuts down after a few hours 
(as we expect) we will then ask the crew to attach a computer to the packet 
module, download the current parameters to the ground and reset the module.

As we get closer to performing these procedures, we will alert you of the fact.


Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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