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Re: A Question for the hams

>From Miles WF1F Marexmg
Hi Scott, i think many hams are asking the same questions.
Here is some info, and a copy of The ARISS Chairmans memo on packet.

Scott- Extingflame wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Sam, and I have a couple of questions.
> I have been listening to iss frequency on my icom receiver for the past
> year. There have been packet signals and have seen the information on my
> computer using my soundcard. I have even heard the astronaughts talk to hams
> one time. I hears that there might be SSTV up there, and I can see with my
> soundcard.
> My questions are when is sstv going to work?

If all goes on schedule, we may fly SSTV "SpaceCam1" Late 2003 or Early
Then after it arrives the ISS crew will install the software when they
get permission.

> Will there be any hams up there again?

Two REAL hams are scheduled to fly to iss in October 2003 for 6 months.
 Flight Engineer Alexander Kaleri,  and Commander Michael Foale KB5UAC

> I understand hams like to talk and I know my kids would like to hear signals
> from space.
> I have been to many web sites and have all the information.
> But it seems to be wrong? I thought there was a full time packet up on iss?
> Am I wrong on this?
> If I am wrong, when will I be able to see signals?

Packet was active for a few hours on Sunday Aug 24 2003.
ARISS is looking into the reasons for the limited activity.


> Thank you for reading this
> Sam
> ----
RESEND of Franks packet memo.

       [sarex] Packet
       Sat, 23 Aug 2003 22:15:43 -0400
       "Frank H. Bauer" <ka3hdo@comcast.net>


As I mentioned in my previous e-mail on this subject, yesterday (Friday)
had a teleconference between the ARISS teams in the US and Russia and 
NASA.  It is our understanding that sometime on Sunday (tomorrow) Yuri
be reconnecting the 2 meter equipment, turning power back on and 
configuring the system for packet operation on the standard packet 
channel.  This will probably be early in the day for those in North

As part of the procedure we generated, we had asked for Yuri to report
the Mission Control Center in Moscow when the procedures were completed
provide confirmation that the packet is operating properly.  We have 
another teleconference scheduled for tomorrow with Sergej Samburov,
(ARISS-Russia) to determine status after these procedures are completed.

Now comes the interesting part.  A member of our NASA team obtained a
of the Radiogram that was uplinked to the crew and forwarded this
to us.  The last line in the radiogram, after Yuri reports the results
the MCC (Mission Control Center) is:

"NOTE: system shutdown will be performed on MCC GO"

It is not clear how or why this line was added.  It was not part of the 
procedures we provided.  We will have to learn how this was added over
next few days.  What it could mean is that the system may be turned off 
minutes after it is reconfigured.

I would ask all to please keep your packet stations on and report any 
packet activity, if any, on this reflector.  If the system gets shut
we will work with the US and Russian control centers to have it turned
on.  There is a school group contact scheduled for August 28 in 
Houston.  We would expect that the crew would follow the procedures 
provided with each school group contact to configure the system for 
continuous packet operations.

As we get more details, we will share them with you.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
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