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A Question for the hams


My name is Sam, and I have a couple of questions.

I have been listening to iss frequency on my icom receiver for the past 
year. There have been packet signals and have seen the information on my 
computer using my soundcard. I have even heard the astronaughts talk to hams 
one time. I hears that there might be SSTV up there, and I can see with my 

My questions are when is sstv going to work?
Will there be any hams up there again?
I understand hams like to talk and I know my kids would like to hear signals 
from space.
I have been to many web sites and have all the information.
But it seems to be wrong? I thought there was a full time packet up on iss? 
Am I wrong on this?
If I am wrong, when will I be able to see signals?

Thank you for reading this

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