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Packet system turned off?

 Looks like the packet system was shut off at 2122 UTC  [ half way through
the pass ]


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From: "Farrell Winder" <fwinder@one.net>
To: "Frank H. Bauer" <ka3hdo@comcast.net>
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Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2003 11:21 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: [sarex] Packet

Hello Frank,
    Very strong packets from the ISS  on the pass beginning at 18:08 UTC at
my qth Cincinnati, Ohio.  Excellent job in reprogramming .Thanks to you and
the ARISS Staff.  73, Farrell Winder, W8ZCF, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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From: "Frank H. Bauer" <ka3hdo@comcast.net>
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Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2003 10:15 PM
Subject: [sarex] Packet

> All,
> As I mentioned in my previous e-mail on this subject, yesterday (Friday)
> had a teleconference between the ARISS teams in the US and Russia and
> NASA.  It is our understanding that sometime on Sunday (tomorrow) Yuri
> be reconnecting the 2 meter equipment, turning power back on and
> configuring the system for packet operation on the standard packet
> channel.  This will probably be early in the day for those in North
> As part of the procedure we generated, we had asked for Yuri to report to
> the Mission Control Center in Moscow when the procedures were completed
> provide confirmation that the packet is operating properly.  We have
> another teleconference scheduled for tomorrow with Sergej Samburov, RV3DR,
> (ARISS-Russia) to determine status after these procedures are completed.
> Now comes the interesting part.  A member of our NASA team obtained a copy
> of the Radiogram that was uplinked to the crew and forwarded this
> to us.  The last line in the radiogram, after Yuri reports the results to
> the MCC (Mission Control Center) is:
> "NOTE: system shutdown will be performed on MCC GO"
> It is not clear how or why this line was added.  It was not part of the
> procedures we provided.  We will have to learn how this was added over the
> next few days.  What it could mean is that the system may be turned off
> minutes after it is reconfigured.
> I would ask all to please keep your packet stations on and report any
> packet activity, if any, on this reflector.  If the system gets shut off,
> we will work with the US and Russian control centers to have it turned
> on.  There is a school group contact scheduled for August 28 in
> Houston.  We would expect that the crew would follow the procedures
> provided with each school group contact to configure the system for
> continuous packet operations.
> As we get more details, we will share them with you.
> 73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
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