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RE: Another successful ISS contact form the UK

Hi Cap

> But I hope someone petitions
> the "Leicester Mercury" to mention that
> _amateur radio_ was involved.  <grin>

Believe me, it's really difficult to get these journo's to say what you want
them too! You are certainly not the first person to make this observation.

We had comprehensive press packs, and we did short presentations emphasizing
that this would not be possible without amateur radio, but it was in one ear
and out the other for many of the press. Oh well. :-(

Still, at least we got some coverage. I haven't seen the TV from the Soar
Valley QSO yet. I think they'll be sending me a video tape to render so it
could be a few days. Similarly, some regional BBC footage of the Neston
contact has a lot more in it, including yours truly! Again, I await the
video to render. One radio station broadcast the entire QSO.

On a separate note, having a QSO on late Friday afternoon/early Friday
evening is not a perfect time - the journalists are all going to the pub
then and there's no real news happening as far as they are concerned until
Monday. We had an similar problem about four months ago at the UK's National
Space Centre which was early on a Friday evening.

73 Howard G6LVB

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