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Final SpaceCam software ready

To:		Frank Bauer
From:		G. Miles Mann WF1F
Subject:	Final SpaceCam software ready
Date:		August 8, 2003

The Final Build of SpaceCam V1.1  is ready for ARISS.
We have completed out testing and have certified the software is


Here are  a few of the last minute changes:

(1) Program directory is now \Program Files\SpaceCam

(2) Saved filenames now use the convention CALLSIGN UTCDATE.JPG

(3) Received images that will be re-transmitted using the repeater
will not be date-stamped on RX -or- TX. 

(4) The EXE and INI files are now named SPACECAM.EXE and SPACECAM.INI
respectively. You'll need to migrate your slant settings from the "old"
ISS-SCAN.INI . In Farrell's case, at least, the video capture device
settings will also need to be migrated.

(5) The slide-show input device options are now option buttons instead
of buttons with icons.

(7) The icon has been removed from the Camera Grab button.

(8) The installer includes 320x240 versions of the JPEG's from ARISS
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