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Re: Americans back space program

   >From: "Arthur Z Rowe" <n1orc@surfgate.net>
   >WASHINGTON -- Most Americans support the space shuttle despite two
   >accidents that claimed the lives of all astronauts aboard, but
   >enthusiasm for civilians on board the shuttle is declining, an
   >Associated Press poll found. 

I was curious how they defined the term "civilian," so I went looking
on Google News and the found the entire poll and methodology described
in this article:


Here's the relevant question and results:

	4. Do you feel that civilian astronauts, such as journalists,
	politicians and school teachers, should or should not participate
	in any future space shuttle flights?

	* Should participate, 56 percent 
	* Should not participate, 38 percent 
	* Don't know-refused, 6 percent 

So by "civilian," they don't mean "not military," they mean "not 
professional astronauts."

Patty N6BIS

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