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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

Lu, Malenchenko Prepare for CSLM-2, Replace Battery
Thursday was a day full of science and maintenance tasks aboard the
International Space Station, and it also marked the 28th anniversary of
the first link up of U.S. and Russian space vehicles. On July 17, 1975,
an Apollo spacecraft and Russian Soyuz capsule docked as part of the
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.

NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu continued to prepare for upcoming of
science operations with the Coarsening in Solid/Liquid Mixtures-2
experiment. The materials science experiment, which is also known as
CSLM-2, will investigate how particles shrink by losing atoms to larger
particles, causing the larger particles to grow. 

In the Zvezda Service Module, Commander Yuri Malenchenko replaced a
storage battery. He also installed a power cable for the robotics
workstation, which was followed by a check out of the Station's Mobile
Base System by ground controllers.

In other activities, Lu downlinked and narrated a video tour of the
Station and he and Malenchenko participated in an event with the Tulsa
Aviation Education Alliance. 

Expedition 7 education videos are available in the Gallery.

Read Expedition 7 NASA ISS Science Officer Ed Lu's latest letter from
the International Space Station.

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