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ISS and Field Day

Hi all,

I'm surprised I haven't heard more chatter on here about Ed Lu 
working stations on Field Day.  I saw a brief post from Doc Dave 
that he was active on one pass Saturday, but I missed that one.  I 
had to work and couldn't be there "live" on either day...  but I did 
record 2 passes of activity on Sunday, June 29th.

times aproximate (UTC)

1246  W9LDX  IN
1246  W9AE  IL
1247  N9FN  IN
1247  KE2T  Western NY
1248  KA_UO  (no number)
1250  WB_FDZ  WI (no number, probably 9)
1250  VE1FO  (Foxtrot Maritime?)
1251  KB1GUE  Eastern MA

1908  KD7(J..)  Seattle  (very weak)
1909  WB7B  Jim in Tuscon
1910  6R  (maybe confused with next one)
1911  N5RNY
1911  2YWB  (no prefix)
1912  XE2YW  (confused with above?)
1913  (X)E1PM  Mexico City
1914  KD5NSY  (KG5NSY?)

If anyone above wants an audio clip of their contact, drop me a 
note and I'll email it to you.

73, Stan/W4SV
Hanna, Indiana
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