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LIVE Astronaut Interview via IRLP

Hi all,

Sorry for the late word, but I just had this forwarded to me.

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS mentors

On July 3 at 11:30 am CDT JSC will conduct the third test of Distant
Learning outreach using Amateur Radio and the Internet to have children
interview JSC professionals.  This test was organized with the Christa
McAuliffe Challenger Learning Center and supported by the JSC Amateur Radio
Club.  Using the internet, amateur radio stations can listen in.  The
general public can listen via the NASA Quest web page for streaming audio.

Summary:  In conjunction with the Christa McAuliffe Challenger Learning
Center at Framingham State College and the Massachusetts Emergency
Management Agency (MEMA), campers from the Charles River Creative Arts
(CRCAP) program will interview astronaut Barbara Morgan live from NASA's
Johnson Space  Center on July 3,2003. McAuliffe CLC Flight Directors Nanci
Goguen and Mary Liscombe  met with the campers to brief them about Barbara
Morgan and her job at NASA. The campers are part of a journalism class
taught by Steve Durning at CRCAP that produces a daily newspaper, the Daily
Double. The opportunity for a live interview with Morgan is very exciting
for the youngsters who will be participating via HAM radio. Amateur radio
operator Tom Muise of MEMA coordinated the event with NASA.

NASA AMES QUEST:  http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/calendar/

Thurs. July 3, 11:45- 12: 15 CT  (9:45-10:15 am PT)

IRLP info:

Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX., July 3, 2003-- The Internet Radio
Linking Project will be used to support a live interview between Astronaut
Barbara Morgan and campers from the Charles River Creative Arts Program
(CRCAP). Barbara, who will be operating from the Johnson Space Center ARC
(W5RRR) will spend 30 minutes answering questions from the childern who will
be using the Amateur Radio facilities of the Massachusetts Emergency
Management Agency (MEMA) begining at 1645 UTC. The event is organized
between the JSC Distant Learning Outreach Program and the Christa McAuliffe
Challenger Learning Center, Framingham State College, Framingham, MA. 
Amateurs who might want to listen in on the event can do so by connecting to
the "Lone Star" Reflector, ID # 9450, Channel # 5. 

For those who have little or no experience with the IRLP the Operating
Guidelines are possted at   http://www.irlp.net.   On the sidebar of this
home page, select "Node Info". This will give you a listing of the node
locations and frequencies. Find the node that is located nearest to you and
monitor its posted frequency. Depending on how the Node is configured you
might have to get in touch with the nodes owner or sponsor.  That
information is avalible by selecting or "clicking-on"  the Node number. 

This event represents the third test of the IRLP in support of the JSC
Distant Learning Program. Thus far it has proved to be an effective means of
distributing interviews between NASA Professionals and children across North

We hope that you can join us at 1645 UTC July 3 on IRLP "Lone Star"
Reflector # 9455. 
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