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Re: ISS Packet

Terry and Roger.....

Yes, it is unfortunate that the packet system is down!
It is too bad that there was never a back-up plan :(
Seeing the Shuttle program is grounded till who knows when,
the payload of Amateur Radio might be on the back burner for a year once the 
shuttles start flying again.
There is the Russian Progress ships too, but again Amateur Radio in not a 

I too used the packet system with APRS for the school kids, as it was EASIER 
than waiting in line for a school QSO, which could take a long time to 
coordinate, thus the class and or plans would be history by the time our 
turn would come along.

I had a school schedule with MIR and was all ready for the class, but it 
never happened because that is when there was the fire on MIR.
The kids were so disappointed....
Too much work and coordination for another disappointment..

Packet (was) there and reliable on MIR, and I used it all the time for demos 
for prospective HAMS.
I (was) doing the same thing with ISS until the TNC failure.
By the way, I recruited 6 people to become HAMS with my MIR demos, so it 
works in the Aww factor to get a HAM ticket..

One of these years HAM Radio on ISS will be functioning again with more 
projects to come!
I am surely awaiting that year when ARISS is able to ship up some of their 
neat projects!

If we forget about ISS, these projects will happen before we know it.
If we anticipate when it will happen, we will be waiting a long time!!

73, Scott

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> A good question Roger,
> The loss of the ISS digipeater has been a real blow to the ham radio
> Aspect of my scouting/cub group. I was using it as a valued resource
> For introduction into ham radio and APRS.
> Unfortunately it appears that it will be quite some time
> Before this will be (if) resolved.
> 73
> Terry
> On 6/22/03 10:03, "RogerKola@aol.com" <RogerKola@aol.com> wrote:
> > Hi All...
> >
> > Is there and "official" theory, determination, idea or story line which
> > explains what is thought to be happening with the ISS packet system?
> >
> > It seems that when activated it runs for a very short time and 
> > quits...any
> > feedback from above on the status they find the gear in prior to 
> > restarting
> > it?
> > Computer or hardware related?
> >
> > I personally just feel out of the loop here and I know many efforts have 
> > been
> > made to resolve the situation and I wonder if there is any progress to 
> > report?
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Roger
> > WA1KAT
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