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Possible contact times for FD for ISS

Hi all,

Look for the ISS during Field Day during these time slots:

1.  28 June  18:21-18:42 UTC  Northern & Southeastern U.S.
2.  29 June  10:59-11:17 UTC  Southern & Northeastern U.S.
3.  29 June  12:33-12:53 UTC  Western U.S.
4.  29 June  17:23-17:44 UTC  Northeastern U.S.
5.  29 June  18:59-19:20 UTC  Northwestern & Southern U.S.

We don't know if the crew will be active or not but give it a try.  You never know!  Please use good operating sense and wait for the crew to finish with the previous contact.  You may be only hearing a station or 2, but remember they are hearing hundreds.

73 and GL,
Charlie Sufana AJ9N
One of the ARISS mentors

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