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Klem South ARISS contact successful

Hi all,

Klem South School in Webster, New York had a very successful contact with Ed 
Lu on board the ISS.  The contact was handled by Nancy Rocheleau WH6PN via the 
ARISS telebridge system.  Nancy was up at 3:00 am her time in Honolulu to be 
the ground station.  The contact time was May 27, 2003, at 13:01 UTC.

Ed (an alum of the school) was able to answer questions from 13 of the 
planned 16 students.  

When Bobby Semmler (grade 5) asked what zero gravity felt like, Ed likened it 
to going over the top on a roller coaster. Terese Caiazza (grade 2) wondered 
if he had any pets on board but Ed said unfortunately no.  John Wiseman (grade 
4) inquired about meals on board, Ed said much of it was a Russian (which he 
liked) and that he got to bring some of his own favorites (including Oriental).

Congratulations to Ed on his first ARISS contact and Klem South!

Charlie Sufana AJ9N
ARISS mentor for Klem South
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