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Submitted by Arthur - N1ORC

NASA announced the selection of William (Bill) W. Parsons as the new
manager for the Space Shuttle Program. Parsons, the director of the NASA
John C. Stennis Space Center, Miss., succeeds Ronald D. Dittemore, who
announced his resignation April 23. 

"Bill is a talented leader, motivator, and he's deeply devoted to the
success of the Space Shuttle Program," said William F. Readdy, associate
administrator of Space Flight at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "His
management, technical experience and dedication to safety are vital as
we move forward and prepare to start flying again." 

Parsons has served as Stennis director since August 2002. He was first
assigned to Stennis in 1997 as the chief of operations of the Propulsion
Test Directorate. Parsons relocated to NASA Johnson Space Center in
Houston to become the director of the Center Operations Directorate, and
he later served as the deputy director of JSC. He returned to Stennis in
2001, and he served as director of the Center Operations and Support

Meanwhile, the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation and
recovery efforts continue. On the investigation front, the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board, or CAIB, released a working scenario
earlier in the week. The preliminary conclusions are based upon three
months of intense investigation, which included reviews of many data

The CAIB is continuing testing and analyses to refine the working
scenario. The board, which has not determined the accident's cause, is
expected to issue a final report this summer.

Meanwhile, the management of debris recovery operations is now based out
of the Columbia Recovery Office, or CRO, at NASA's Johnson Space Center
in Houston, Texas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA,
handed off control of the recovery operations to NASA on April 30. 

NASA has a toll-free hotline -- 1-866-446-6603 -- for anyone who may
have found possible shuttle debris. 

Earlier this week, FEMA released a summary of the search for debris
during the first three months since Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew
were lost on Feb. 1.

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