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Re: Don Pettit

On Mon, 5 May 2003, Bruce Bostwick wrote:

> > Bowersox was referring in his statement that they had
> > pulled  NINE G's,  was that this was caused by a vary
> > steep re-entry angle.

But remember, that's nine G's on someone who's body has lived in ZERO-G
for months and can't even tolerate 1 G for a while.  That was, I am sure,
an unbelievable experience (to live through).  I wonder how long it

In flight school I remember blacking out at 8 G's.  I could see my
peripheral vision tunnel down to where the last thing I saw was the
G-meter at 8.  But as a student they didnt give us working pressure suits
and the jet jockey flying in the back seat had us on a strafing run
"attacking"  an 18 wheeler on the local interstate somewhere over Texas.


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